Mustang of the Month April 2024 Jennifer Madden Jacklyn Eck Edward Schutz; photos of recipients, Mount Markham logo, white text on blue background and vice versa
students and staff use VR
Mustang of the Month March 2024, Lori Engle, Ryan Jones and Amanda Boston; images: school logo, Lori, Ryan and Amanda, blue translucent background with school behind, white text, blue text in white boxes
Amazon donation for musical
Feed Our Vets logo
Dom Jones at Championships
Maple Syrup equipment
Field during autumn
Mustang of the Month; Katelyn Yuhasz, Katie Lindsey, Dave Kirkpatrick; February 2024
New York State Capitol
Mount Markham CSD's SPOs Elementary Sean Kozma, Middle Joe Pedulla, High Dave Kirkpatrick; images: Sean, Joe, Dave, blue text on white background, white text on blue background
First Edition of the West Winfield STAR (earlier editions were known as the Winfield Standard)
Mustang of the Month; Chris Haar, Courtney Acker, Tori Roberts; January 2024; images: Chris, Courtney, Tori, Mustang logo, white text on blue translucent background with the middle school behind, blue text in white rectangles
Mustang of the Month; Mrs. Heather Lewis-Hoover, Mr. Dan Amady, Mr. Daniel Mosny; December 2023
Mount Markham CSD Tractor Restoration; tractor, Mount Markham logo, blue text on white background, blue and yellow line
Mustang of the Month; Robert Converse, Josh Higby, John Hoke; November 2023
Students work on skills in groups
Students work on board, text reads Introducing Mount Markham CSD's ViewSonic ViewBoards
Mustang of the Month Melissa Burke Karie Sanzo Diane Jones October 2023 Mount Markham Central School District Challenging and Inspiring Life-Long Learners; white text on blue background and vice versa, images of the recipients