Mustang of the Month; Mrs. Heather Lewis-Hoover, Mr. Dan Amady, Mr. Daniel Mosny; December 2023

The PBIS Leadership Team is proud to announce our Mustang of the Month award recipients for the month of December. Congratulations to Heather Lewis-Hoover, Dan Amady, and Daniel Mosny!

 Our first Mustang of the Month is Mrs. Heather Lewis-Hoover, a school counselor at Mount Markham Elementary.

 Lewis-Hoover is a local to the area, hailing from Leonardsville, and a Mount Markham CSD alumnus. Heather Lewis-Hoover received her undergraduate education at The College of Saint Rose, worked in the Richfield Springs CSD for five years as a special education teacher, and received her master's and CAS in School Counseling from SUNY Oneonta before she came to Mount Markham CSD 29 years ago!

 Heather Lewis-Hoover’s favorite part about working at Mount Markham CSD is the interactions she has with the students. Being part of a small school community, Lewis-Hoover is happy to be able to get to know all of the students, see how the elementary school shapes their lives, and often hears from former students how important their time in the elementary school was to them.

 Heather Lewis-Hoover views that ability to make an impact as a valuable tool in improving oneself as a worker and as a person.

 “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make,” Lewis-Hoover said. “Be kind, be helpful, and do something each and every day that brings you joy.”

 When she is not at work, Heather Lewis-Hoover enjoys being outdoors and loves activities like long walks, sporting events, motocross, traveling, family and friend gatherings, or giving back to the community. Her favorite way to spend her time, however, is going on spontaneous adventures with her four grandchildren.

 Our next Mustang of the Month is Mr. Dan Amady, a physical education teacher at Mount Markham Middle School.

 A recent graduate of Utica University (formerly Utica College), Dan Amady joined Mount Markham CSD shortly after graduating this past May.

 Amady’s favorite part about Mount Markham CSD is the warm welcome he received from staff and students alike. Amady appreciates the support of the community and is excited to see what the future will hold.

 Being a new teacher, Dan Amady expressed his willingness to learn as one of the most important values that has led to his success.

 “Being a first-year teacher, there are many days where I feel like I'm learning just as much as the students are,” Amady said. “Making the most of every opportunity you have to learn from those around you is the key to continuous improvement.”

 Outside of work, Amady enjoys exercising, playing pickup basketball, and spending time with his family and friends.

 Additionally, Dan Amady wishes to express his gratitude to the Mount Markham CSD community.

 “I'm beyond grateful to all those in the Mount Markham school community who have welcomed me and made the beginning of my first year a time that I'll never forget,” Amady said. “Thank you!”

 Our final Mustang of the Month is Mr. Daniel Mosny, a teacher at Mount Markham High School.

 A native of New Hartford, Mosny graduated from New Hartford High School in 1986, then attended Alfred University, graduating with a degree in English literature. While working as a materials manager, Mosny went back to school at SUNY Oneonta for his education degree, then began teaching and coaching at Mount Markham CSD in 1999 before receiving his master’s degree from SUNY Cortland in 2002.

 Mosny’s favorite part about working at Mount Markham High School is the small school atmosphere and the connections he makes with the students over their high school career. He also enjoys working with cross country and track athletes and introducing students to outdoor recreational activities through events like the annual Adirondack Trip for seniors.

 Daniel Mosny wishes to express his appreciation to the school community for supporting these student enrichment activities.

 “I would like to thank the administration for always supporting student enrichment activities like the Adirondack Trip and my colleagues for always being willing to help with these experiences that students will remember for a lifetime,” Mosny said.

 Mosny credits much of his success to being prepared and having a plan, whether it be in academics or athletics.

 Daniel Mosny’s colleagues have noted his careful planning and have seen the successes that have come along by it.

 “Dan spent much of his summer volunteering his time to construct a new cross country course for our student-athletes,” one colleague said. “The course took hours of planning and physical labor to clear, regrade, and reseed the new path. His successful completion of this has allowed Mount Markham to host the CSC League Meet in October and to be considered to host the Section III Cross Country Sectionals in November of 2024. This is a tremendous accolade for our school and community which was all created through Dan's tireless efforts."

 When he is not at Mount Markham, Mosny enjoys being outside; trail running, rock climbing, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, kayaking, and camping in his free time.

If you would like to nominate one of our faculty and staff members for Mustang of the Month, please complete the Mustang of the Month Nomination Form.