Students work on skills in groups

On October 26, Mount Markham High School Speech and Debate Head Coach Suzanne Culver taught an honors program to students throughout Herkimer BOCES school districts.

 Students focused on voice, characterization, persuasion, and argument; a general introduction to competitive speech & debate skills. Overall, it was a great day with 30+ students exploring skills and activities.

Thank you to the assistant coach, Alaina Brower, for keeping the agenda moving along as planned. Additionally, we would like to thank the senior team members, L Mahar, Hayley Lee, and Rebecca McClave, for their assistance as peer leaders and for the difficult task of judging the Shark Tank pitches.

The Mount Markham team plans to follow this up with several training sessions leading into a National Speech and Debate Association Big Question Debate in March, which is open to students throughout the area. The topic for this year is -  Resolved: Belief in the supernatural is incompatible with belief in science.