A high school students reads to an elementary class

Mrs. Brower's and Mrs. Robinson's classes both celebrated the end of their units by having students write stories, which were shared with Mount Markham Elementary students!

In Mrs. Brower's English 10 course, students chose from life lessons learned in the novel Tuesdays with Morrie. Then, students created their own book based on this life lesson. Students read their stories to Mrs. Casale's kindergarten class. 

As students in Ms. Robinson's Earth Science class finished their unit on Weathering and Erosion, they were tasked with creating children's stories in which they personified an agent of erosion. Students then read their stories to Ms. King's third-grade class.

Thank you to Allison Blackwell and Kristin Spinella for helping to organize this, so some of our elementary students could learn from some of our high school students!