Mustang of the Month; Mrs. Kristin Landgren, Mrs. Stephanie Coffin, Mr. Loren Winegard; April 2023

The PBIS Leadership Team is proud to announce our Mustang of the Month award recipients for the month of April. Congratulations to Kristin Landgren, Stephanie Coffin and Loren Winegard!

Our first Mustang of the Month, Kristin Landgren, originally hails from Rochester, NY, but moved to Cassville, NY in 2004. Landgren has worked at Mount Markham CSD for over 13 years, and all three of her children are proud Mount Markham CSD alumni.

Kristin Landgren’s favorite aspect of the Mount Markham CSD community is her students.

“The most enjoyable part for me is just helping guide them [her students] in finding their best selves,” Landgren said.

Much of Kristin Landgren’s success as a teacher comes from her passion for her students, a value that she believes is shared by all her colleagues.

Principal Jennifer McDonald is proud of Landgren’s involvement with all her students, both as a teacher and as a community member.

"Kristin works tirelessly for all of our students in the district as a member of MOMMs,” McDonald said. “She is thoughtful in her interactions with the students she engages with and creates a happy and cheerful environment in her room and community. The elementary school benefits from Kristin's creativity and enthusiasm. Congratulations!"

Outside of work, Kristin enjoys traveling, specifically to the beach and Disney.

Our next Mustang, Stephanie Coffin, studied at Utica University (then Utica College) and Grand Canyon University and worked as a special education teacher at Sauquoit Valley CSD before coming to Mount Markham CSD.

Stephanie Coffin owes much of her success to her values of faith, family and love, and Coffin’s students have noted her continuous kindness and sympathy.

“I think Mrs. Coffin should be recognized with the Mustang of the Month Award because she stays after school with her students to help catch them up, and she has two daughters on top of that that she has to pick up and take care of,” one student said. “She is very sweet to her students and gives them a chance to get their work done.”

For anyone that is trying to improve themselves, Stephanie Coffin suggests taking small, incremental steps.

“I would just advise to anyone that wants to improve themselves that it's not a sprint,” Coffin said. “Make small changes daily that inspire you to do better, and you will!”

When she is not at work, Stephanie Coffin enjoys working out and hiking, as well as spending time with her family and making memories.

Our final Mustang of the Month is Loren Winegard, a teacher and coach at Mount Markham High School. A local to the area, Winegard graduated from Mount Markham CSD in 2001 and went on to attend Hartwick College. Loren Winegard was hired in 2006 and has worked for the district ever since.

Loren Winegard’s favorite part about working at Mount Markham High School is being able to give back to the community that he was raised in, while also doing a job he loves.

From parents of Mount Markham CSD students, Winegard has received accolades both as a teacher and as a coach.

“He is very patient and understanding with his class and his football team,” one parent said. “He goes above and beyond to make sure every player understands everything and that every player is okay.”

That patience and understanding of his students is reflected in Loren Winegard’s personal values as an educator.

“I think that the best advice I could give when it comes to education is to always try to do what's best for kids,” Winegard said. “The rest always seems to figure itself out.”

In his free time, Loren Winegard enjoys spending time with his wife, Nicole, and their two kids, Sophia and Kate. Winegard also spends a lot of time coaching, whether it’s varsity football or his daughter’s 12U softball team. To unwind, Loren Winegard enjoys watching T.V./movies, lifting weights and staying active.