Middle School Student Services  

    Social Worker: Crystal Dibble 
    Guidance Office: 315-822-2875 


    The counselors at the middle school consist of a school counselor, and a social worker that work as a team with students, parents and teachers. The primary function of this team is to counsel with students on any matter that they feel is important. Many students expect a counselor to solve problems. This is not always possible. What a counselor can do is help students [and their families] select a possible solution to a problem and continue to help select possible solutions until things improve.


    Students are referred to the counselors through self-referrals, teachers/staff, other students, parents, administrators and the nurse. All issues discussed with a student and/or parents are kept in strict confidence. Some of the subjects that have been discussed with counselors include peer relationships, divorce, loss of a loved one, peer pressure, self-esteem, personal difficulties, choices, drugs and their dangers, personal/family difficulties, expressing and managing feelings [anger, sadness, jealousy, etc.], effective communication, homework,grades, student/parent relationships, student/teacher relationships, courses required for graduation, career exploration, job descriptions, setting goals and other concerns.


    In addition to the services mentioned above, counselors work with students in group settings, such as group counseling and mediation, to effectively reach those with common concerns and issues. Group counseling provides a safe haven for students to share feelings and receive support when facing certain issues such as divorce, etc. Mediation between peers, teachers, etc. is sometimes necessary as a solution for an issue or concern.

    Counselors provide information and resources to parents, teachers, and community members on a variety of issues and assist in facilitating referrals to outside agencies including but not limited to outside therapists/psychiatrists, hospital programs, out of district school programs, anthe PINS process. Placement reviews and planning occurs with information gathering that includes teachers, administration, parents, psychologists, school nurse and counselors.