• Middle School Daily Schedule

    8:16am                              Bell to go to Lockers
    8:20am-8:25am                Homeroom

    8:25am-9:05am                Period 1

    9:05am-9:45am                Period 2

    9:45am-10:25am              Period 3

    10:25am-11:05am            Period 4

    11:05am-11:35am            Period 5 (5th/6th Lunch)

    11:35am-12:05pm            Period 6A (7th Lunch)

    11:35am-12:15pm            Period 6B


    12:05pm-12:45pm            Period 7A

    12:05pm-12:45pm            Period 7B (8th Lunch)


    12:45pm-1:25pm              Period 8

    1:25pm-2:05pm                Period 9

    2:05pm-2:45pm                Period 10

    2:45pm                             Student Dismissal

    bag lunch

    Grade 5                              11:05am-11:35am

    Grade 6                             11:05am-11:35am

    Grade 7                             11:35am-12:05pm

    Grade 8                              12:05pm-12:45pm