Principal: Sean Carone, scarone@mmcsd.org
    Middle School Office: 315-822-2870
    Middle School Fax: 315-822-6125 
    The Middle School years are a time of change. To meet the needs of each student the Mount Markham Middle School provides a safe and orderly learning environment that emphasizes a balance between academic, physical and personal/social growth.

    The faculty and staff recognizes the importance of each individual and stresses the development of the whole child. Included in this recognition is the promotion of student self-esteem, self-confidence and a sense of personal identity. Coupled with opportunities for each student to develop and practice responsible behavior and individual accountability, the needs of all our students are addressed.

    Respect for and communication between students, parents, community, teachers and all school-related personnel is encouraged, recognized and fostered. Educational partnerships among all of these groups are viewed as a priority for the effective education of each student.

    We hope that your years with us will be educationally profitable, exciting and filled with many new opportunities.