How It Works: Students will attend a total of 16 Lessons (90 mins each) ONLINE THROUGH ZOOM from 6:30pm - 8:00pm Sa-Su and Mon- Fri from 8pm - 9:30pm from 10/29/22 to 11/13/22. OPTION #1 IN-CAR: Students pick a driving group and do their driving instruction with Mr Wallace. OPTION #2 PARENT-INSTRUCTED: Parents will conduct 24 hours of in-car instruction at their leisure with their Teen Driver. Guidance and support will be provided throughout from Mr. Wallace. Parents are encouraged to complete the in-car instruction by October 15 to avoid any delays with their Teen Driver's Completion of the Course (earning the NYS DMV MV-285 Certificate of Completion). The Certificate of Completion enables the Teen Driver to register for the NYS DMV Road Test and obtain a FULL, UNRESTRICTED CLASS "D" NYS DRIVER'S LICENSE at 17 YEARS OF AGE and 10% or more DEDUCTION FROM AUTO INSURANCE. See the COURSE CALENDAR for the distribution date(s) of the Certificate. (Late Fall Course will offer 12 seats for in-car instruction)



    October 29, 2022 -November 13

    6:30 pm - 8:00 pm on SAT & SUN and 8pm-9:30pm M - F

    Drives take place after school and on weekends

    7 days a week


    OPTION #1 $370 for Out-Of-District Students and $350 for MMCSD Students

    OPTION #2 $220 for Out-of-District Student; $200 for MMCSD students



    • Student holds a valid NYS Permit/Driver License (by 10/29/22)

    • Supervising Parent holds a valid NYS Driver License

    • Supervising Vehicle is insured, NYS registered and NYS inspected



    • Student attends 16 Online Lessons (click here for Syllabus AND click here for Course Calendar )

    • Parent supervises student driving according to Goals/Skills Checklist for at least 24 hours in car

    • There are 2 Make Up Lessons scheduled on MON NOV 14  and TUE NOV 15 (Students will be allowed to make up any additional Lessons in next course). Athletes are encouraged to check their game schedule on Schedule Galaxy by typing in their school name under "Find By School"



    • Parent Permission Slip (click here for the ENROLLMENT FORM))

    • Copy of Student’s valid NYS Permit/Driver's License

    • Make check payable to Mount Markham CSD (no cash)

    • Registration is now OPEN and will close by OCTOBER 28, 2022 (to secure your place, please enroll as soon as possible)


    To Enroll: Mail Permission Slip; Photocopy of Permit/License and Check to:


    Mr. Robert Wallace

    Mt Markham HS Driver Ed Program

    500 Fairground Rd

    West Winfield, NY 13491


    Inquiries: rwallace@mmcsd.org (please put in the RE: “Inquiries for MMCSD FALL 2022” a call-back number is welcome, but not necessary) You can also call our Driver Ed number 315-557-8180



    I've been a teacher at Mount Markham CSD since 2006, and I have been teaching Driver Ed since 2019. I am very positive and professional. When not teaching, I enjoy travelling, adventure, reading, fitness (I've lost 40 lbs in 2022!) and sports. I am very passionate about Driver Education, and our focus is truly on safety, defensive driving, and developing healthy attitudes and habits in the car. As a parent myself of a recent high school graduate, I understand your concerns and our course will help you supervise your child through the entire process--all the way to the Road Test. You'll be in very good hands.




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    3. Are we allowed to apply any supervised driving before the course start date to your DRIVER'S ED COURSE? (please click here)

    4. How much time must my child spend actually driving and how much time can he/she spend in observation time? please click here)

    5. We have religious services on Sunday Morning during the time of your Driver’s Ed Course. Is there something that we can do? (please click here)

    6. We are going on vacation for part of your Driver’s Ed course. Can my child just get online and attend from anywhere? (please click here)

    7. Can both parents (step parents and grandparents) provide my child with the Parent-Supervised Driving for your Driver’s Ed Course? (please click here)

    8. Can I share parent-supervised driving with another family from your Driver's Ed Course? So my child is observing while the other is driving, and I am doing the instructing? (please click here)

    9. My child doesn't have his PERMIT yet. Can we still enroll him for the course and send a copy when he/she gets it? (please click here)

    10. What happens if my child does not attend 16 classes or does not complete the Parent-Supervised Driving LOG requirements? (please click here)