• Welcome to Mrs. Madden's Kindergarten!!


    I hope that everyone is having a wonderful summer! I am looking forward to meeting and working with all of you. I am hopeful that you will be able to refer to this site throughout the year. I have included some general information that should be useful to parents and students.

    Star of the Week is an honor that is earned. Students may be recognized for a variety of reasons. It is important that all students work hard and treat others with respect. Generally, Stars of the Week are recognized in Good Morning Program on the first day of each new school week. I will notify parents/guardians (in advance) when their child will be receiving this award.

    Your child will be given a bus identification tag. Please be sure that your child wears this tag faithfully at the beginning of the school year. You may pin the tag to your child's clothing/backpack or you could thread the tag through some yarn and make a necklace that could be worn each day.