• Welcome to Technology Education


    What is Tech Ed? 

    Tech Ed is an experience based program that encourages students to apply concepts that they have learned in their core and exploratory classes.     

    When do middle school students take Tech Ed?

    NYS mandate requires that all students take a minimum of 40 weeks of Tech Ed by the end of eighth grade.  Our students at MMCSD receive that contact time during seventh and eighth grade – 20 weeks at each grade level.

    What does Tech Ed look like here at Mount Markham Middle School? 

    All Tech Ed programs are a little bit different.  While the basic concepts are the same, the content can be delivered in a variety of ways.  Some districts choose to deliver their Tech Ed instruction through the use of digital media and electronics.  We use a very traditional approach in our classroom and lab.  In the classroom students learn technological concepts related to systems, processes, design and problem solving and impacts of technology.  These concepts are then applied to real world problems in the lab.  All activities are completed in a hands-on manner – learn by doing.