• Allergies:

    If your child has a known hypersensitivity or allergy to substances such as food or insects, it is imperative that you alert your school nurse before the first days of school. In severe reactions, children may develop hives, itching,and swelling, which can lead immediately to difficulty in breathing. Prompt recognition and treatment could save your child’s life.

    A parent/guardian should bring the child’s prescribed medication(s) to the school nurse with a written order from the healthcare provider. The nurse will coordinate with parents to develop an emergency care plan specifically for your child if the prescriber has not already done so.

    Our goal is to provide safe and immediate treatment for your child should the need arise. Communication of these needs is the first step!

    There is a form that can be given to your child's healthcare provider to be filled out and provide the school with an Emergency Plan specific to your child should they be exposed to their known allergen. This form is located in the section titled "Important Forms" and is titled "Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan" Your child's prescriber may choose to use their own similar form.