• No jewelry is to be worn during PE class.  All piercings and bracelets and necklaces will be asked to come off during PE class for the safety of that student and the rest of the class.  There are some classes where jewelry will be allowed to remain in, but that can change at any  moment depending on different situations.

    If you are interested in getting a new piercing, please plan accordingly.  The school nurse and PE teachers are pretty good about being able to take out and put back in piercings, but it is better to leave them in for a length of time. The piercings will go back in after a 40 minute class, but it may not feel so good. You will NOT be allowed to tap your piercings for class!

    Interscholastic sports does not allow any jewelry to be worn during play, so anyone playing on a sports team for the school needs to be prepared to remove all jewelry anyway.