• If your child is going to need to be excused from PE, we do need a parent's note explaining why they are not going to be able to participate.  Your child may also not be allowed to go to recess that day as well, depending on where recess is and what the injury is.

    If excused for more than one day we will need a note from a doctor.  This note should include the specific injury and what the student CAN do in class.  We try and get the students moving as much as possible, so if we have a list of what they are allowed to do in class we can keep them moving. They can receive a grade based on how hard they worked with what they are able to do that day. If they are not allowed to participate at all, a writing assignement may be given to keep the student occupied during class.  The assisgnment will usually have to do with the unit being taugh.  The students grade for that day will be based on what they produce for work.

    If you have any questions about this policy, please do not hesitate to call the office, PE teacher or school nurse.