• Mighty Milers is a program that I started at Mt. Markham in 2016.  Students can come into the gymnasium from 8:00-8:20 in the mornings when it is their grades day and log steps to earn prizes.  There is also one after school activity session that students can choose to participate in every month.  This is a come when you want and do what you want program.  The idea is to get students up and moving before classes begin and to increase their ability to learn in the classroom.  If they come to enjoy walking or jogging that is an added bonus!

    You can learn more about the Mighty Milers program here, it is a program associated with the NYS Road Runners.

    In order for students to be allowed to participate I need to get parent's permission.  All you need to do is bring the permission slip back in signed and your student is signed up.  We do sign ups and get parent permission because I do need to put age and school information into the computer program and others at the organization will have the ability to see this information.  None of the information will be used for anything other than the school's Mighty Milers Program.

    We were lucky enough to win a grant through the American Heart Association this year and have purchased new pedometers for participants to use.  These will be very helpful in that they automatically reset to 0 and the students number of steps will be downloaded directly to the students account without any chance of a typo by me or the students.