• During the course of the school year, we will be devoting a week to each letter of the alphabet. At the beginning of each week, your child will be asked to bring in an object that begins with the particular letter that is being covered. Here is a schedule of our alphabet letters.


    September 12-Letter Mm
    September 19-Letter Ss
    September 26-Letter Rr
    October 3-Letter Tt
    October 11-Letter Pp
    October 17-Letter Aa
    October 24-Letter Cc
    October 31-Letter Nn
    November 7-Letter Dd
    November 14-Letter Gg
    November 28-Letter Ff
    December 5-Letter Ii
    January 3-Letter Ll
    January 9-Letter Hh
    January 17-Letter Bb
    January 23-Letter Kk
    January 30-Letter Oo
    February 6-Letter Ww
    February 26-Letter Xx
    March 5-Letter Vv
    March 12-Letter Jj
    March 19-Letter Ee
    March 26-Letter Yy
    April 2-Letter Zz
    April 30-Letter Qq
    May 7-Letter Uu



    Identify 6 shapes
    Identify AB, AAB, ABC, & AABB patterns
    Identify coins
    1:1 counting
    Identifiy & write numerals 0-31
    Rote counting


    Language Arts-Reading

    Identify 26 letters & sounds
    Identify & produce rhyming words
    Isolate beginning sounds
    Isolate ending sounds
    Blend sounds into words
    Identify 23 sight words
    Journal writing


    Kindergarten Sight Words

    a on like I look what see come my no
    one the me here go have are to for we
    you little do


    Science & Social Studies

    Seasonal activities
    Holiday activities



    We begin the year by working on colors. Generally, the children will need to bring and wear something for the color of the week each Tuesday. Here is a color schedule.

    September 10-Red

    September 11-Orange

    September 12-Yellow

    September 13-Green

    September 14-Blue

    September 17-Purple

    September 18-White

    September 19-Black

    September 20-Brown