• Kindergarten is different today than it was when we went to school. You'll be amazed at how much your child will learn this school year. Here is a little peek at some of the things your child will do and learn this year:

    English Language Arts

    *Identify and write all letters 
    *Identify and recognize sounds
    *Learn 23 sight words 
    *Identify beginning, middle and ending sounds
    *Blend sounds into words
    *Journal writing


    *1 to 1 counting 
    *Count to 50 
    *Recognize and write 0-31
    *Identify basic shapes 
    *Identify and extend patterns
    *Identify coins 
    *Simple addition and subtraction

    Science and Social Studies

    *Seasonal activities 



    We will learn 23 sight words throughout the year.

    Here they are in the order we teach them:

    a, my, the, I, like, go, we, on, to, you, have, do, what, no, see, look, come, for, me, one, little, are and here.