• Concert Choir & Select Choir Syllabus 2015-16
    Ms. Bouthillier
    CC: Pd. 1, A Days   SC: Pd. 1, B Days


     Objective: Students will gain an understanding of proper vocal technique, singing in an ensemble and basic musicianship skills through vocal/choral literature.

    Required Materials: Music and pencil at every rehearsal.


    Classroom Policies:


    -Students are expected to be respectful to each other, their surroundings and instructor. 
    -No food or gum.
    -Students are expected to contribute positively to each class/rehearsal.


    Concert Policies:


    -If severe illness or other unforeseen circumstances occur that result in failure to attend, a written and signed explanation must be presented within 48 hrs. of scheduled concert date (weekends-exception).
    -Concerts are considered to be part of the midterm and final grades.
    -In the case of academic quarters that do not have a performance, short quizzes will take the place of a concert grade.


    Concert Attire:


    -Women: Black/dark colored skirts or slacks, that are knee length or lower
       Black/dark colored shoes 
                   Black/dark colored tops 



    -Men: Black/dark colored slacks 
              Black/dark colored shoes 
              Black/dark colored tops 



    Classroom Attendance Policy: Please refer to the MMCSD student handbook. 


    Grade Breakdown:


    Preparation/Participation: 60% 
    Concerts: 20%
    (Quizzes): 20%
    Lessons: 20%


  • Musical Theatre I & II Syllabus 2015-16
    Ms. Campion & Ms. Bouthillier
    Pd. 2 A & B Days

    Objective: Students will gain an understanding of musical theatre repertoire and production, through performances, workshops and other activities derived from a  student-based classroom. 

    Required Materials: Pencil and 3-Ring Binder

    Classroom & Attendance Policies: Please refer to the MMCSD student handbook.


    Musical Theatre I

    Musical Theatre II*

    Semester 1; 0.5 credit

    Semester 2; 0.5 credit

    History of Music Theatre

    Production & Design Elements: Direction & Set

    Music Theory

    Modern Musicals

    Performance Elements: Voice & Character work

    Musical Production Management

    Scene Work

    Musical Theatre Scene Work

    Career Overview

    Career Exploration

    *Musical Theatre I is a pre-requisite

    Projects: Students will present two (2) projects/quarter, totaling four (4) projects/course. Students are required to contribute to the All-School Musical as one of their projects during Musical Theatre II. The dates for the musical are: March 3-5, 2016.


    Grade Breakdown

    Projects/Masterclasses:      40%

    Participation:                       30%      

    Portfolio:                              20%  

    Performance Evaluations: 10%