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  • Section III Class C Champions
    Our Lady Mustangs, seeded third after sharing the Center State Conference's Division II title with the Herkimer Magicians, won the Section III Class C Girls Volleyball crown in four games, 25-20, 11-25, 25-21, and 25-22 over the same Herkimer Magicians.  Outstanding job Ladies!  Section III Class C Champions
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  • Thoroughly Modern Millie
    Actors! Stage Crew! Musicians! Directors! Choreographers!  The high school auditorium is alive with activity.  This year's all school musical is in full steam production.  Sets are being built, lines and delivery are being mastered, song and dance numbers are in full swing.  Thoroughly Modern Millie is set to be performed on March 6th and 7th at 7:30 p.m.  Advance tickets are $5.00 for students and seniors and $8.00 for adults.  Tickets at the door are $6.00 for students and seniors and $10.00 for adults.
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  • Reduced Visibility
    As our temperatures plummet, the snowbanks in our district are continuing to rise! Especially during school hours, let’s all take notice of the very real reduced range of site. When wind swirls snow from those high snowbanks, whiteouts occur in less than a blink of an eye. Students may be hidden by extremely tall (and growing) snowbanks waiting for a school bus. Students are bundled up to battle the truly cold, cold temperatures and will be less likely to see/hear approaching vehicles. If we all slow down and be ever mindful, we will have done what we can to help keep our kids safe.
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  • Extreme Cold Precautions
    Mount Markham CSD encourages parents to make certain their children take appropriate precautions when severe cold settles into this area.  All students, young and old, should dress for the weather - long pants, winter coats, hats, scarves, mittens, etc. Students should limit their time outdoors waiting at a bus stop or walking to school.  According to the State Education Department memo, frostbite can occur on exposed skin in 30 minutes at -25 degrees F.
    We use a simple rule when deciding what to do about cold weather - if the wind chill is -25 degrees F or lower, school is closed or delayed.  Our region is subject to periods of cold weather and properly dressed students should be able to safely travel between school and home, even at -25 degrees F. Parents should exercise their own judgement when deciding whether to send their children to school on these days. 
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  • Building Emergencies 

    Recently, the Mount Markham Central School District was notified of a threat to one of our local medical facilities.  Along with this notification came a recommendation for our school facility to initiate an extra vigilant monitoring of anyone entering our buildings.  Even though the threat was not specific to our PK-12 campus, we complied with this recommendation and went to a “Shelter in Place” status.  This means we continued all educational activities as usual with a heightened monitoring of all external entrances to our buildings.

    The reason we declare a particular level of response is almost always due to communication from local and/or regional law enforcement.  This communication is usually brief and deals with a threat or crisis that may have an impact on our school buildings, students and staff.  Therefore, we once again want to provide a brief overview of the responses we take depending on the information provided.
    Levels of Response

    District administration will distinguish the appropriate level of response to take and notify building administrators.

    Shelter In Place
      There is heightened monitoring of all external entrances.

    Lockdown In Place 
    With students present:  Lock all doors and windows.  Be alert for students returning to your area.  Scan all rooms for suspicious objects.  Avoid unnecessary communication.  Wait for further instructions and continue to teach.
    No students in area:  Follow your assigned emergency responsibilities.  Be alert for/avoid/report suspicious objects or activity.  Avoid unnecessary communication.

    Lockdown Take Cover   ALL students and staff immediately go to lockdown – DO NOT MOVE.  Take position away from windows and doors

    With students present:
    Evacuate students if instructed to do so.  Be alert for/avoid/report suspicious objects.  Take attendance.  Wait for further instructions.
    Without students:  Follow your assigned emergency responsibilities.  Be alert for/avoid/report suspicious objects. 

    In this time of technological advancement, with almost everyone having an instant communication device, it takes seconds for one of our emergency responses to hit the social media airways.  Once that happens, we are inundated with hundreds of phone calls within our three buildings.  Because the information being shared via social media may be inaccurate, we ask for your patience in our responses over the telephone.  If you have questions regarding this information on Building Emergencies, please call the district office.

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  • Special Education Programs and Services Focused Review
    The New York State Education Department P-12: Office of Special Education has initiated a Special Quality Assurance (SEQA) Special Education Programs and Services Focused Review in the Mount Markham Central School District during the 2014-2015 school year. The purpose of this review is to assess the district's compliance with selected Federal and State Laws and regulations governing the education of students with disabilities.
    The review will be conducted by the SEQA Central Regional Office and will include representatives from the school district. The review process will involve a review of school records of a representative sample of students with disabilities, classroom visitations and interviews. In addition, meetings of the committee on special education will be observed. Further information may be obtained by contacting the SEQA Central Regional Office at (315) 428-4556 and/or by contacting the Mount Markham Central School District at (315) 822-2827.
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